Mehmet Ali Aga Hotel

Stone House Room

The Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion experience… The 13 contemporary Stone
house Rooms – are decorated in modernized versions of the Ottoman
style and harmonize the magic of the past with modern comfort in warm
colours and a classical and peaceful atmosphere. The wooden porch
connecting the stone houses is overlooking the Mansion and the garden,
and invites the guests to romantic dreams with its comfortable seats.
Stone House Room Stone House Room Stone House Room

Mansion Queen Suite

Deluxe room in Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion Boutique hotel. The 4
Mansion Rooms adorned both with Turkish and European antique
furniture and use of local fabrics enhances the architecture. From
the location of these rooms you can easily perceive the past
atmosphere imbued in mystery. Each room has a uniquely
descriptive name of the seven Sleepers Legend.
Mansion Queen Suite Mansion Queen Suite Mansion Queen Suite Mansion Queen Suite

Mension King Suite

The Mansion Suite was the space used in former days to
host very special guests. The wonderful eclectic Anatolian
frescos dating from 1831 and its exceptional woodwork
make this room a veritable gem. The walls, painted in a
way that accords to the room’s original appearance, the
traditional long seating benches – the sedir – lining the
walls and covered with embroidered covers and pillows,
the antique silver candlesticks together with all of the
other details, recapture the Mansion Suite’s most
magnificent days. The windows open onto a landscape
that at first glance, appears to be a beautiful painting of
citrus orchards, rose-gardens and the Home’s courtyard.
Mension King Suite Mension King Suite Mension King Suite Mension King Suite

Executive Mansion Suite

Superior Stone Suite